More restrictive US immigration policies drive Central American asylum seekers to settle in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama

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The violence of the Northern Triangle persists as the region’s neighbor grow tired of asylum seekers. In the United States, highly publicized restrictionist immigration practices have overshadowed the true crises, citizen security in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras is eroding more quickly than ever.

“More than 294,000 asylum seekers and refugees from the North of Central America were registered globally as of the end of 2017, an increase of 58 percent from a year earlier,” UNHCR said in a statement on Tuesday.

“This is 16 times more people than at the end of 2011,” it added.

The vast majority of those fleeing El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras are seeking refugee protection to the north in Belize, Mexico, and the United States, or to the south in Costa Rica and Panama.”

For more, read the article in Al-Jazeera

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