Former Guatemala AG has her Eyes on the Presidency

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A formidable opponent of the corrupt and entrenched in Guatemala, Thelma Aldana has a proven record of transparency, responsibility and moral integrity – all great qualities for a presidential candidate.

“At 62, she’s not ready to retire. And with the Guatemalan general elections less than a year away, a source close to her team and with knowledge of her plans told AQ she will run for president. Is Aldana ready to take on the political arena?

In a recent interview with AQ, Aldana declined to confirm she was running, but said she was open to the idea. “I haven’t made up my mind yet. I don’t have money or a political party to run with. If there was an inclusive platform that was open to people from the left and the right, to women, to immigrants, to young people, to indigenous people, to the private sector – a platform that would open spaces that have been occupied by traditional politicians, I think many of us would be interested in running,” she said.

If Aldana were to become president, she would consolidate the fight against corruption with the one big thing it’s missing: policy. CICIG and Guatemala’s chief prosecutor’s office, the Public Ministry (MP), have teamed up to prosecute large-scale organized crime groups. But a meaningful change to the political system will require changes to laws and public policy as well.”

This article, by Ximena Enriquez, originally appeared in Americas Quarterly.

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