Prevention can be more powerful than Deterrence

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It is nothing short of appalling when the threat of being separated from one’s children is not a sufficient deterrent for Central American migrants coming to the United States. The time, energy and resources dedicated to this inhumane and ludicrous policy of child detainment ought to be redirected to policies that addressing the causes of mass emigration from Central America in the first place: crime, gang violence and failed governance.

Patricia isn’t risking everything for nothing. She is fleeing brutal gangs, drug wars, and failed governance. She had traveled for days, leaving everything familiar because the gangs in her hometown would likely begin recruiting her son next year and that was simply far more unimaginable for her.

This is another part of the policy debate that we cannot ignore and it’s time we focus on how “a small ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…

…America might want to take a page out of the playbook of Plan Colombia, a model program pioneered under Republican and Democratic administrations that delivered results overseas—and for our own interests at home. While peace in Colombia is still a “work in progress,” the turnaround we’ve seen over the last twenty years has been impressive.

This article originally appeared in Newsweek

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