Death of a Brazilian student in Managua may be a rallying cry for silent Western Hemisphere

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An authoritarian government like that of President Danny Ortega’s in Nicaragua has no place in a democratic society. But so far, his administration has received inadequate condemnation from the Western Hemisphere community. Though it’s unfortunate, hopefully the death of an international student in Managua will be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back.

” ‘The Brazilian government again condemns the deepening repression, the disproportionate and lethal use of force and the use of paramilitary groups in operations coordinated by security forces,’ the ministry said in a statement.

It urged Nicaragua to punish those responsible for the killing and also “to guarantee the free exercise of individual rights and public liberties.”

In an interview broadcast Tuesday night, President Daniel Ortega blamed the start of the violence in April on ‘interventionism’ by the United States and Nicaragua’s private sector, which broke off its support for his government.

Dialogue with President Donald Trump to alter U.S. policies toward Nicaragua would be “ideal,” Ortega said on TeleSur, a news outlet in Venezuela, whose socialist government is a close ally of his administration.

According to the non-governmental Nicaraguan Pro-Human Rights Association, at least 351 people have been killed in political unrest that erupted in April. What began as protests against proposed social security cuts later broadened into calls for President Daniel Ortega to leave office after security forces and pro-government civilian militias began a deadly crackdown.”

This article was originally published by the Associated Press

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