Ortega Deals Another Blow to Human Rights in Nicaragua

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President Danny Ortega has been pitted against outraged citizens, particularly students, for the last several months. As a result, hundreds of Nicaraguans have perished and thousands more injured while exercising their basic democratic rights under Ortega’s increasingly repressive regime.

Guillermo Fernandez Maldonado, chief of the U.N.’s human rights mission in Nicaragua, said in a news conference Friday that he and his team would leave the country Saturday.

“We put forward the report not to polarize, but rather to make known what we had seen,” Fernandez said. “This has had a lot of media coverage and we did not expect the government’s reaction in this sense. We only did our job.”

In a statement, the U.N. human rights regional office for Central America said that it had received a letter Thursday from the foreign ministry notifying it that the government’s invitation was over.

“The letter indicates that said invitation was extended with the purpose of accompanying the Verification and Monitoring Commission and that with the reasons, causes and conditions finished that spurred said invitation, the invitation is considered concluded,” according to the statement.

The U.N. statement said the team will continue monitoring and reporting on the situation remotely.

It was a rough day for the U.N. in Central America. While the human rights mission was preparing to leave Nicaragua, military vehicles surrounded the U.N.-backed anti-corruption mission headquarters in Guatemala’s capital. Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales is facing an attempt to strip his immunity so he can be investigated for alleged illicit campaign financing.

The U.N. Security Council will discuss the situation in Nicaragua on Sept. 5.

Read the full article from the Associated Press here.

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