Ortega Administration Coerces Apology from Opposition Activist

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While taking fire from Sandinista militants, Dania Valeska Alemán Sandoval livestream recorded her experience from inside a church in Managua, the capital. The livestream quickly went viral.

The Ortega administration later responded by identifying, capturing and coercing Ms. Sandoval to “confess” to her crimes of treachery and fraud for a video recording that was later promulgated online. Once again, Ortega has encroached on the basic civil rights of Nicaraguans to preserve his own reign.

The ‘confession’ was recorded July 20, she said, by police at El Chipote prison. ‘They said that they were going to kill me and my family,’ she told us. ‘Later they brought one of my compañeros and put him on his knees and put an AK47 to his head. They told me if I didn’t cooperate and read what they would give me they were going to show the execution of my compañero, and then there would be another and another. There was nothing else I could do but read the script that they had ready for me.

The coercion did not end there, according to Sandoval. ‘While they were recording the video, two paramilitaries with balaclavas with AK47 pointed at me, one at my head and one at my chest.’ And all the while, out of sight of the camera, Sandoval’s hands were cuffed.

‘In our country, nothing is normal,’ Sandoval told The Daily Beast. ‘It is not normal for young people like me to go through everything that has happened and keeps happening to my comrades.’


Read the full article in The Daily Beast here.

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