OAS Human Rights Body Demands Access to Nicaragua

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By some estimates, the death toll in Nicaragua after months of protests and state repression has exceeded 300.

OAS Secretary-General Luis Almagro slammed the Nicaraguan government and forces associated with it for actions he called “totally incompatible with democracy”, saying that OAS would reject and denounce violations of human rights and democracy “as many times as necessary”.

“We’re repeating ourselves, but the truth is this is worth repeating,” Almagro said during the meeting.

“Victims’ accounts should be repeated and their testimonies should be known,” he said. “Human rights are being violated in Nicaragua”.

Almagro said that if the international community was not attentive and vigilant in the face of such abuses, it would be complicit.

The comments came during a meeting of the OAS Permanent Council on Friday to discuss the situation in Nicaragua.

Read the full article in Al-Jazeera here.

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