Nothing To Sniff At: Cocaine Trafficking & the Honduran Migration Crisis

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The indictment of Juan Antonio “Tony” Hernández Alvarado – the brother of the President of Honduras – in the United States last month on drug trafficking charges is yet another story pointing to the pervasiveness of drug money and corruption in Honduras. Could the President’s brother’s illicit behavior also be emblematic of the migration drivers in Honduras? Writing for Vice News, journalist Deborah Bonello tries to find out:

“How is it that the government’s top security institutions where all of the intelligence and investigative apparatus are housed never discovered the illicit activities of the president’s brother?” asked Joaquín Mejía, a specialist in human rights at the Reflection, Investigation and Communication think tank in Honduras. Tony was eventually arrested in Miami last month, two years after it emerged he was a “person of interest” in a United States investigation.