US Government Denies Visas to Honduran Legislators Implicated in Corruption Scandal

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Several Spanish-language news media outlets are reporting that several former and current Honduran legislators who’ve been accused of embezzlement of public funds from a sham-NGO have had their US Visas denied.

According to reporting from Televicentro Aldo Santos, a legal scholar, referred to the decision as a “moral sanction”. This is the most recent development in the rapidly progressing ‘Arca Abierta’ scandal.

In the last few hours, the Government of the United States, through its consulate in Honduras, formalized the cancellation of the B1 and B2 Visas issued via the US embassy to four current and two former legislators who’ve been tied to the Arca Abierta corruption scandal.

Those involved in the Arca Abierta case and in the process of being formally prosecuted are Gustavo Pérez, Milton de Jesús Puerto Oseguera, Welsy Milena Vásquez, Gladis Aurora López, Fabricio Puerto Oseguera and José Alejandro Flores.

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