A Sigh of Relief

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This week, the results of the Costa Rican general election runoff has assuaged the concerns of those anticipating the worst in similar elections to be held in the region’s Big Three economies later this year. Now, only time will tell if president-elect Carlos Alvarado Quesada will continue to put domestic and international observers at ease.

“Carlos Alvarado Quesada won by a much bigger margin than expected, 60 percent to 40 percent, over Christian singer and journalist Fabricio Alvarado Muñoz. The outcome was the result of skilled alliance building by the victor, and some unique aspects of Costa Rican politics. Nevertheless, it will hearten observers worried about rising extremist, anti-democratic sentiment elsewhere in Latin America, where two in three citizens will elect a new president before 2018 is over.”

“There are signs, however, that Alvarado Quesada will do the bridge-building needed to tackle not just Costa Rica’s growing fiscal deficit but also its deteriorating infrastructure and lingering inequality. Ahead of the runoff, Alvarado Quesada entered into an alliance with former candidate Rodolfo Piza and Piza’s Social Christian Unity Party, adopting many of Piza’s policy proposals into his platform.”

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