Nicaragua’s Young Revolutionaries

Posted by Mike Phillips
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Interesting piece in the Guardian today from Tom Phillips on the student revolutionaries at UNAN in Managua. Ortega’s time is about up, it seems.

“Our struggle is to eliminate this regime,” said Armando Téllez, the first-year economics student running one of three such protest camps to have consumed local universities since anti-government demonstrations erupted on 18 April. “The people have woken up – and there’s no way of putting them back to sleep.”

Organisers say 500 rebel students have taken up permanent residence on the Unan’s campus since it was occupied on 7 May.

“You’re being watched by 20 or 30 people,” another leader, Jonathan López, explained as he offered a tour of the student stronghold’s improvised ramparts – metal, wood and concrete barricades manned by masked students equipped with hard hats and shields fashioned from empty steel drums. Some carry improvised “mortars” – homemade devices which fire small explosive charges to deter attackers.

“If I wasn’t with you they’d have let off five or six mortars already,” the 20-year-old added with a grin.

Read the full article here.

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