Second Honduran Congressman Faces Drug Trafficking Charges in US

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For decades, Honduras has found itself at the logistical drug-traffic midpoint between Colombia and the United States. As in other countries, the flow of dirty money and drugs through Honduras damaged the integrity of democratic institutions and eroded the nation’s rule of law. The legacy of narco-trafficking, unfortunately, still survives today in Honduras. How do we know? Yesterday, US federal prosecutors have gathered sufficient evidence to charge a second Honduran Congressman, Midence Oqueli Martinez Turcios, with conspiring to import cocaine into the United States.

“Prosecutors said that from 2004 to 2014, Martinez Turcios and Urbina Soto gave their support to multiple drug trafficking organizations in Honduras as they moved 100 kg (221 pounds) loads of cocaine through the country from Venezuela, Colombia and elsewhere.

The prosecutors said Martinez Turcios belonged to the Cachiros, and received more than $1 million in bribes from leaders of the organization. They said he personally escorted cocaine shipments for the group and took part in weapons training for paid assassins the Cachiros recruited from the gang MS-13.

Prosecutors also said that Urbina Soto and two others helped oversee the transport of illicit drugs.

Martinez Turcios, 57, and Urbina Soto, 37, could face life in prison if they are convicted of the most serious charges, prosecutors said.

The new charges come about six months after U.S. prosecutors charged another Honduran congressman, Fredy Renan Najera Montoya, with conspiring to import cocaine. He is not in U.S. custody.”


This article appeared originally in Reuters

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