Ortega Gives OHCHR the Boot

Posted by Mike Phillips
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Nicaragua has kicked out a human rights team from the United Nations, just two days after it published a report detailing repression, torture and abuse of protesters by the government, according to a report published by NPR.

“We put forward the report not to polarize, but rather to make known what we had seen,” Guillermo Fernandez Maldonado, chief of the U.N.’s human rights mission in Nicaragua, told reporters on Friday. “We did not expect the government’s reaction in this sense. We only did our job.”

The U.N. human rights regional office in Central America said it had received a letter on Thursday from Nicaragua’s foreign ministry that its “invitation is considered concluded.”

Late Friday, the U.N. released a statement from Secretary-General António Guterres, saying he “regrets” Nicaragua’s decision to withdraw its invitation to the human rights office, and urged the government to continue “constructive engagement.”

More than 300 people have been killed since protests erupted in Nicaragua in mid-April. Demonstrations began when the government decided to make cuts to the social security system, a decision it later retracted. The protests have continued since then, and grown to include calls for Nicaragua’s president, Daniel Ortega, to step down.

Read the full story on NPR.

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