Honduran Survivor of 2010 San Fernando Massacre Seeks Safety in Migrant Caravan

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Eight years ago, Honduran migrant Billy Martinez was subjected to unspeakable violence and cruelty at the hands of a Mexican organized crime group known as Los Zetas while in transit through Mexico. Today, Martinez is again seeking refuge in the United States and has joined the current Honduran migrant caravan for his own safety.

More than 1,000 Hondurans initially fled their country together last month, travelling on foot and getting rides when offered. The group, dubbed a migrant caravan, quickly grew to several thousand and is currently heading in waves to Mexico City.

Thousands more are following behind them in subsequent groups from Honduras and El Salvador. Large groups crossed the Suchiate River into Mexico this week and are now making their way up through southern Mexico.

Martinez wants to make it to the US for safety and to work and provide for his family. The migrants and refugees are not harming anyone, he said.

“I have six children,” he told Al Jazeera before quickly correcting himself: “I have five.”

Martinez’s 18-year-old son Jonathan was murdered last year. Martinez is not certain why. More than 90 percent of homicides in Honduras go unsolved.

Resting his head on the small backpack he is carrying on his journey, Martinez laid on the highway while Mexican federal police briefly blocked the thousands of migrants and refugees from advancing through the state of Chiapas.

Read the full article from Al Jazeera here.

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