Carlos Chamorro, prominent independent journalist, flees Nicaragua

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President Danny Ortega’s Nicaragua is rapidly becoming less hospitable to journalists, demonstrators and other opponents to the regime. Most recently, an incredibly visible and vocal critic of President Ortega, Carlos Chamorro (the Editor of Confidencial), has fled Nicaragua for Costa Rica after state security forces raided his offices.

Chamorro wrote: “I will continue to fulfil my duties as a journalist from Costa Rica … investigating and denouncing the crimes, corruption and the impunity and documenting the terminal crisis of this dictatorship.”

He blamed his decision on the “extreme threats” he and other Nicaraguan journalists were facing as a result of an intensifying press crackdown being waged by the country’s Sandinista leader.

He claimed leaving Nicaragua – where Ortega has been struggling to regain control since a destabilising and deadly period of political upheaval began last April – was the only way to ensure his “physical integrity and freedom”.