Former Attorney General Announces Candidacy for Guatemalan General Election

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The rumors prove to be true. Thelma Aldana, the former Attorney General of Guatemala and veritable “Corruption Buster,” has officially announced her candidacy for Guatemala’s upcoming general election. Hopefully Aldana’s announcement will discourage President Morales from amending the constitution in order to run for another term.

A former chief prosecutor lauded for efforts to root out high-level corruption plans to compete for Guatemala’s presidency.

Samuel Perez is secretary general of the recently formed Seed Movement party and he announced Thelma Aldana’s candidacy overnight.

The party will work with Aldana’s civil society organization Citizen Platform and make Aldana its candidate at an assembly in March.

Guatemala will hold its first round of national elections on June 16.

The 63-year-old Aldana was Guatemala’s top prosecutor from 2014 to 2018. Her biggest successes were the jailing of former President Otto Perez Molina, his Vice President Roxana Baldetti and most of his cabinet on corruption charges. Perez Molina resigned in 2015 and is awaiting trial in corruption cases.

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